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Sposi con sfondo delle colline toscane

Charm | of the landscape

The hills stretch to the horizon, adorned with lush vineyards, olive groves, and cypress trees that dot the landscape.
The changing colors of the seasons, from warm golden hues in summer to vibrant greens in spring, create an enchanting backdrop for any event.

Imagine your gaze wandering through the hills as you exchange vows, surrounded by untouched nature and the warm colors of the sunset.
Every corner reveals a new view, a new perspective that delights the eyes of all who behold it.

A | culinary journey

Tuscany is renowned for its extraordinary cuisine, offering an explosion of authentic flavors and high-quality local ingredients.
From bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes, to pici, a hand-rolled pasta, and the famous Florentine steak, every bite will be an unforgettable culinary experience to be savored alongside its robust reds, such as Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino.

You can create a truly unique event by setting up wooden tables adorned with elegant linen tablecloths and decorated with symbolic flowers and plants, such as lilies and olive branches.
By adding wicker chairs, you'll achieve a charming rustic-chic effect, giving an authentic touch to your special day.

Tavola imbandita con prodotti tipici toscani per matrimonio
Foto location in toscana per matrimonio

Locations | of dreams

Imagine celebrating your event in a historic villa surrounded by gardens, a medieval castle, or a farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan landscape.
Some of these venues offer the opportunity to host outdoor events, with spacious gardens and enchanting courtyards, surrounded by centuries-old trees or vineyards.
You can enhance the location by adding soft lighting, candles, and lanterns, creating a magical atmosphere that warms the heart.

Whether you prefer an intimate atmosphere or a grand lavish event, countless estates offer elegant and charming spaces to suit every taste.

Specialties| from the region

You can set up a station with different bottles of fine wine from renowned local wineries.
An expert sommelier will guide your guests through a tasting journey, illustrating the characteristics and peculiarities of each wine.
This experience will be a unique way to immerse in Tuscan wine culture and create a moment of sharing and enjoyment.

One idea you can consider is offering favors of typical Tuscan olive oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the region's most prized products and makes a perfect gift for your guests.
Not only will this favor be appreciated by your invitees, but it will also be a tasty reminder of Tuscany.

Immagine di una bottiglia ed un bicchiere di vino
Other Locations
Immagine di una coppia di sposi che si bacia in spiaggia
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