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What is a Micro Wedding?

    Micro weddings, or intimate weddings, have become increasingly popular in recent years.
    Unlike traditional weddings, characterized by large ceremonies with hundreds of guests, a micro wedding is a smaller, intimate, and exclusive event that involves a limited number of carefully selected guests.


    What makes it unique?

  • Refined Experience: With an emphasis on love and connection, a micro wedding offers a more intimate atmosphere where the couple can share their happiness with their closest loved ones.

  • Exclusive Locations: Its intimacy allows the couple to choose unique and private venues for the ceremony and reception.

  • Attention to Detail: This intimate setting offers the opportunity to focus on every aspect of the event with greater attention, ensuring an authentic and personalized experience for all guests.

  • Reduced Costs: Micro weddings provide the opportunity to avoid the high costs associated with larger weddings.

  • Simplified Planning: With fewer guests to coordinate, this wedding can be planned in much shorter timeframes compared to traditional weddings.


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