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What is Smart Planning?

  • Wedding and event planning is increasingly becoming digitalized, harnessing the vast opportunities that the internet offers.
    During the many reorganizations necessary due to the pandemic, we have learned to recognize the great potential of this tool.
    Originally conceived as a temporary solution, Smart Planning has now become one of the most sought-after options for couples, transforming into the right compromise between DIY weddings and traditional wedding planning services.

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    How is Smart Planning Structured?

  • Introductory Meeting:We will start with a free meeting where we will introduce ourselves and discuss initial ideas.

  • 1st Meeting:Approximately one week after the initial meeting, we will proceed with the actual wedding organization.
    We will talk about the budget, wedding theme, couple's ideas, and guest list.

  • 2nd Meeting:After one or two weeks, we will have another online meeting to optimize the budget by researching vendors, setting the date, and choosing the location.

  • 3rd Meeting:Here, I will assist you in reviewing vendor contracts and making any necessary adjustments.

  • 4th Meeting:As the wedding day approaches, we will review the progress and check if everything is proceeding according to the schedule or if some aspects of the organization need to be accelerated.

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